Relic is a web mash-up that retrieves and presents data from a range of different information services. It is designed as a utility to assist selection and acquisitions processes for Resource List materials.

It works as follows:

An ISBN-13 or ISBN-10 is submitted as a search to Relic.

Any hyphens or spaces are removed from the search string and it is validated (ensuring that the 'ISBN' contains only numbers, and is either 10 or 13 characters in length).

The ISBN is submitted to the Open Library catalogue, and (if a match is found) metadata is returned and and displayed in the search output (along with a medium sized cover, if one is available). Where the Open Library record contains these values, the metadata will include deep-links to the catalogue record for this ISBN in Open Library, the Library of Congress and LibraryThing.

Preconfigured search links are then built dynamically for Coutts Oasis, and AbeBooks (offering both ISBN and Title searches) and displayed in the search output.

The ISBN is then checked against the existing index of ISBNs in the Resource List Management System (Talis Aspire). For each list that the ISBN appears on, the list name will be returned and displayed in the search output (which forms a clickable deep-link to that list in the RLMS).

Next, the ISBN is checked against the index of ISBNs in the Library Catalogue. If there is a match for that ISBN, metadata from the catalogue record is returned and live holdings data. In addition, deep-links to the Full View of Record and Holdings screen are configured and displayed. An option to 'search for other editions' (by Title phrase) is also composed and displayed.

Finally, the ISBN is submitted to the LibraryThing ISBN service, which returns a list of related ISBN-10 or ISBN-13 values which are then displayed in the search output. Clicking on one of the ISBNs submits that related ISBN as a new Relic search string, re-running each of the searches afresh against that alternate ISBN.


The following bug fixes are planned:


The following potential enhancements are under review: